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FDP Ministries

Break Of Day Prayer Line


There is power in two or three coming together touching and agreeing on one accord.  Prayer avails and brings about change as we come together decreeing and declaring the Word of The Lord over our lives, our families, all countries, all regions, all nations, and all who are connected to us. Join us as we put up a unified front against satan and the kingdom of darkness with the POWER that God has placed on the inside of us to speak those things that be not as though they were so that we can see the manifestations of God's glory here on earth. Break of Day (BOD)


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NIYC Director

Dr. Shanta Barton-Stubbs



1. Train them to love others as themselves, love God above all to be a witness for the world to see Christ through them to empower them on all aspects of the things of God.

2. Build an institution for their own academy to have a safe haven to come and learn academics and vocations for their certification and diplomacy education.

3. Dance school, Karate class, Theatrical or Drama theatre, New Image After School Program, Personal Development, and Young Entrepreneurship. 


New Image Youth Center



FDP Headquarters

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