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      Apostle Dr. Cal H. Stubbs and Apostle Dr. Annette M. Stubbs have been married 30 for years.They have 3 children, Shanta, Sheaneaka, and Leamon. They founded Freewill Deliverance Praise Headquarters in 1997 and the doors first opened on January 1, 1998. Their ministry is a bible believing, bible preaching, and spirit-filled church full of love for all. FDP is a non-denominational church, welcoming all visitors. It has been providing help to families and couples for the more than 20 years, and they have been at their current location 208 S. Parramore Ave, “The Palace on Parramore” for the past 17 years. The Stubbs sat at the feet of the late Pastor Mary K. Brisbane, the Founding Pastor & Overseer of The Church Power Praise & Deliverance. Our leaders, the Stubbs, traveled 2 hours, 3 times a week from Vero Beach, Florida to Orlando, Florida to be faithful in ministry for 7 years at Power Praise and Deliverance. They worked hard in the ministry and through endurance and hardships were promoted and ordained for ministry.

     Apostle Dr. Annette M. Stubbs, CAMS, is a licensed Anger Management Specialist and she is also the owner of Advanced Services and Lifeskills, (an Anger Management and Lifeskills Counseling Firm). Dr. Stubbs has taken her ministerial training and worked into her daily life counseling those who have been court ordered or are just seeking help. She has a special passion for women who are victims of domestic violence using her walk with Christ and her experiences in a previous relationship to help them find peace in their lives. She is also a Block Captain for the Parramore Area through the Orlando Police Department.

      Together the power couple have established Esquire Communications Services, which has combined both of their talents as a means of creating jobs for those seeking employment or job training skills for those looking to enter into the workforce for the first time. They have also established AMS housing which provides housing assistance to those in need. AMS housing is an extension of J&J housing which was a boarding house that the Stubbs had many years ago in the name of both of their mothers. Through The Church of Freewill Deliverance they offer the community a place to go and use computers and internet to apply for benefits or to seek employment while making sure that there is someone one site to assist them with the computers if they need it. The couple also provides pre-marital counseling, couples counseling, and family counseling. The church also has a Licensed Mental Health Counselor on hand who works with families and youth as well, she also happens to be the Stubbs’ daughter Dr. Shanta Barton-Stubbs, MA, LMHC. The church also provides assistance to those in the community that are in need of furniture and emergency bill assistance, whether they can provide assistance or connect them to an organization that can help. Yearly the church participates in National Night Out which is a national night of non violence, the Stubbs have converted their NNO into the first all gospel event that provides not only clothes and food to the community but also includes live entertainment. The church also feeds the homeless on a regular basis but makes Christmas and Thanksgiving special buy feeding the entire community restaurant style. The Wind of God has blown through the Parramore community through Bishop and Dr. Stubbs. They are much respected in their community for the work that they have done and they are striving to continue this work for years to come.







We welcome you to Freewill Deliverance Praise Headquarters. We are the Palace on Parramore, "WHERE GOD IS IN CONTROL!" Come and join us at any one of our services and help us lift up the name of Jesus Christ. If you are looking for a church home and you are seeking leaders who are straight forward and who won’t “sugar coat” what God has to say, then this is the place. If you are looking for a church that is active in their community, then this is the place. There is a light shining in the Parramore community and that light shines at Freewill. We welcome you not only with open arms, but open hearts, and know that YOU HAVE JUST BEEN SET UP FOR A MIRACLE! BELIEVE IT, AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE.

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